Nikitenko Maxim (Sets88)

Personal page

    Python - Read! quick!
    Read 2 times faster? Peace of cake!

    Python - Duplicate IPs
    This script will help you to find same IP addresses set on diferent devices

    Python - get rid of garbage in your mail
    Tiny script which deletes letters with declared source address

    Python - Get video from ActiveX surveillance camera
    Script, plays video from cheap surveillance DVR, which uses ActiveX generally.

    Python - Show GeoTag on map
    Opens browser on Google maps page, where marks a point in which this pic were made, it takes data from Exif GPS of photo.

    Python - Template "Find and do something"
    The Template, to start coding from, if there is a task to search for some files, and do something on them.

    Python - DNS query counter
    Opens eventually recorded PCap file, looks for DNS requests in it, and then sorts by requests count

    Python - Banner
    Just an example of programm, which gets picture and text on the network, and shows it always on the top

    Python - Photo renamer
    This utility allows you to rename your photos to "Year_month_day_hour_minute.jpg" format, using date from Exif

    Python - Game - memory test
    Just a simple game based on pygame, in which you have to find last apeared circle

    Python - Autoclicker
    Just click with left mouse button, every N time period