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CherryMusic Plugins

Firefox addon

Let's start from the beginning, I decided to switch on an HTML5 music player, just to have my playlists on any device, was looking for the best one, and choose CherryMusic.

Firstly, everything had been just fine, but later I started to feel inconvenienced, like: to pause or switch next song, I had to find CherryMusic tab, having always more than hundred opened tabs in Firefox, this operation was a huge problem.

To solve this problem I had to create the Firefox plugin for CherryMusic, which done everything I noticed above.

- Mozilla addon page
- GitHub page

But the story is not over.

XBMC plugin

I use XBMC on my Raspberry Pi, which connected to my TV, I watch Youtube, films and else on it.

But here's the problem, there is no browser by default in XBMC, and there is no way to listen my playlists on it.

Yep, there are couple of solutions of how to make XBMC run Firefox, but I don't need browser in XBMC, I have a tablet PC for such tasks.

Well, I thought that creating a CherryMusic plugin for XBMC, would be cool experience and very helpful for many.

- GitHub page
- You can download this plugin from official XBMC repository