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Yes, yes, yes, i know, this is just a Nagios and else parody, but when i started this project, there were(not) something in Nagios i did'nt want to use it(i dont remember what), i had to make my own, firstly i made it using PHP, but now i rewrote everything on Python + Flask.

What this thing do:

- Simple adding, changing, deleting, moving nodes in catalog
- Check if nod is alive or not, using Nmap
- Autoadd nodes in catalog
- Add new categories
- Authorization
- Поиск по макадресу (Для свичей Dlink)
- IP Calculator
- Settings manager
- Automatic moving of node by hierarchy (Works on D-Link switches)
- Search by MAC address (Works on D-Link switches)

For last 2 items:

- You have to place correctly network nodes(which has snmpd in it) by hierarchy
- Name of such switches have to start from "(v)" (without quotes) this will let software know which of them can response by SNMP


To take a look, what this thing can do in Ubuntu, you can do this:
sudo apt-get -y install git python-flask python-sqlalchemy nmap libsnmp-python python-ipaddr
git clone
cd nodectrl

But remember, if you are going to use it on real server, you'll better to use uwsgi or mod_wsgi and MySQL for this

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