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Bored? Absolutely nothing to do? Need to kill time? This application is what you need! It offers a huge collection of the funniest pictures of the World Wide Web:
-Huge amount of demotivators
-The funniest pictures from top groups of Vkontakte
- Motivators
- Funny caricatures from

Requirements : Android 1.6+, Internet

Lineage 2 Knowladge base

Knowladge base on legendary MMORPG.
- Everything you need to know about weapons, armors, resources and other items in the game
- Entire information about every mob and boss in the game
- Maps
- Other

I Prefer

In this category i share information about everything i prefer to use:
- Applications
- Utilities
- Scripts
- Useful sites


There is too much hardware network in your network? After installing the last switch you forgot where the first one is? We have a solution for you!

This application is based on Flask + SQLAlchemy and made to catalog existent network hardware in your network.

Also you can check availability at the moment, and this is not the last thing this application can do.


Wanna build a tv station in your village?

But you don’t want to spend a fortune on required software,
which costs a lot of money, while none of these companies care that you only have 5 viewers? Then you have to check out the VLC TVStation!

CherryMusic Plugins

You use CherryMusic as a default music player.

But everytime you use it, it seems like something missing?
Probably, here you could find something you missed so long.


My utils:

MAC Vendor resolver
IP Calculator
Python scripts
Bash scripts



Skype: sets88